Plan for

  • Certificate of ownership
  • Property tax
  • Statements of co-ownership charges
  • GNI


Unpaid rent insurance

  • Rent reminders to the tenant if necessary (within the time limits imposed by the insurance company)
  • Notice of unpaid rent (by registered letter and bailiff)
  • Implementation of insurance (implementation of rent reimbursement)
  • No waiting period
  • No limit to the amount
  • No deductible
  • Repayment from the 4th month after the first unpaid term
  • Unlimited compensation


We have partnership agreements with various trades

  • Painters
  • Heating engineers
  • Plumbers
  • Insurers
  • Diagnosticians
  • Financial


Violaine Delrieu


Our services

Every month

  • Issuance of the due date notice and receipts to the tenant.
  • Collection of rent.
  • Payment (and verification) of condominium charges to the syndic.
  • Management report for the owner (details of operations)

Every year

  • Annual rent review
  • Regularisation of rental charges
  • Revaluation of the provision on charges if necessary
  • Provision of information useful for the declaration of property income

On request only

  • Advance notice owner (sale or repossession for occupation)
  • Organisation of the intervention of a bailiff to deliver the notice

Works and repairs


  • Possible repairs at the owner's expense
  • Renovation work in agreement with the owner

Tenant's notice

  • Informing the tax authorities of the tenant's departure
  • Estimate of the new rent
  • To have the mandatory technical rental file drawn up
  • Organisation of an appointment at the time of the inventory of fixtures
  • Checking the costs that may be deducted from the security deposit

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